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GALA 2024: Insights and Impressions

By Cecilia Poratti

May 2024

GALA 2024

Several weeks have passed since the GALA2024 conference in sunny Valencia, and I still feel that mix of excitement and uncertainty. We all found ourselves thinking about what lies ahead for our field as AI algorithms promise faster and more accurate language translations. Despite this feeling, a beautiful thing happened. We experienced a shared vulnerability that brought us closer together, even to the point of sharing our companies’ projects and insights.

This shared vulnerability reminded me of our common humanity, showing that translation goes beyond mere words; it’s about capturing the very essence of the human experience. And as I always say, the best part of this unique industry is the beautiful people.

On a side note, Essence Translations proudly sponsored a Refreshment Break, adding that special human touch that defines the Essence team.

Thank you, GALA, for bringing us together once again!